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To Commission a custom artwork by me email at

Please allow at least a month before you need the piece to be received and possibly longer if you are outside of Australia as shipping times vary during the Pandemic.

I've been creating custom artworks for customers regularly during this quarantine season, so I wanted to share the process. Original artwork can make a great gift for a loved one or yourself so if you were thinking of starting your Christmas shopping, now is the time to contact me!

The best pieces I've been able to create for clients are ones that are in the style and genre of work that I've already done. Obviously I'm not going to be your best option for a comic style action scene, family portrait, or abstract expressionist canvas. I do detailed watercolors of plant and animals in an expressive science illustration style.

One birthday gift that went well was when a friend reached out asking if I could do something in my style for his veterinarian girlfriend. After discussing it and going through my portfolio he mentioned how she loved our local birds and I showed him the Aussie parrot painting I did for my fiancé.

I had a style and subject that we both knew I could complete in a way they would like which was perfect! We even discussed which specific parrot species she would prefer to be included. The end result came out much like the first, which was great because everyone's expectations were met and everyone ended up happy :)

Asking for a specific animal or plant is a great way to get a custom piece from me as well. A woman who had recently lost her two Betta fish asked for a painting of them together. She sent photo references of them so I could do my best to match their color patterns.

Turned into a nice memorial for their beloved pets.

Here is a collection of some of the other past commissions I've created custom for friends and clients.

So here are the things to consider:

  1. Timing- How soon do you need the piece? Please allow at least a month to receive the finished artwork, and possibly longer if outside of Australia. I try my best to get paintings done within 2 weeks, but depending on size and my workload it can take longer, and shipping times are iffy lately.

  2. Size- What is the size of the image you would like. Consider mating and framing, since I work on paper. I'd suggest looking up frame size, looking at the image size within the preferred frame and request that.

  3. Misc- Any specifics you would like in the image like color, imagery, mood, style etc. Again, try to keep it in my wheelhouse so I can provide the best artwork I can for you. Feel free to go through my portfolio or further images of mine HERE to use as references.

  4. Pricing- This is a general price list as of August 2021 (not including shipping). These prices all depend on the level of detail and content of the piece. If it's needed within a short timeframe additional costs may be added.

A4 (8.3in x 11.7in or 21cm x 29cm)

$200-350 US

A3 (11.7in x 16.5in or 29cm x 42cm)

$300-400 US

A2 (16.5x 23.4in or 42cm x 59cm)


Largest Available (20in x 29in)


So if you're interested please reach out with any questions! I respond quickly via my email and can discuss any ideas you may have for a future painting!

Bijou will assist on all commissioned paintings

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