As a kid did you ever capture a beetle or a grasshopper from your backyard and put it in a jar? If you did you probably gave it a stick and a leaf for some ambiance and a snack. Like me, you most likely felt bad about the little guy being away from his grasshopper/beetle job and the grasshopper/beetle family so you let him go after an hour or two, but that time was enough for you to observe it.  


Big Red Sharks Studio is my love letter to all the little ecosystems I explored as a kid and to all of the other tiny tucked-away corners of the natural world that I have yet to observe. From my backyard in Minnesota growing up to the beaches of Monterey where I got my degree in science illustration, to the fern tree forests of the hills outside of Melbourne Australia where I now live, I’ve been drawn to nature. 

Since 2010 I have been creating detailed watercolor images of microhabitats and the critters in them. During quarantine, I’ve been taking the extra studio time to increase the scale of my work while maintaining the intricacies, creating larger-scale insect and botanical paintings. I’m excited to continue building on these themes by adding to my artistic ecosystems and sharing them with you via Big Red Sharks Studios. 

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