• Martha Iserman

Another Locust!?!

While I was painting this locust specimen I had the thought that it could be beneficial to highlight the different styles I can work in. Obviously I like focusing on my watercolor detail skills, but I have some other tools in my belt. I plan on recreating the Red Locust in multiple other varieties but this is the first. I'm working on a version of the same specimen of the Red Locust while using my tablet to paint digitally.

(Gif of the process)

Briefly, when I say 'digital painting' it means I'm using a digital tablet and stylus pen to "paint" the image using Adobe Photoshop. There is no photograph involved. It is all created using line, shape, color, texture etc, just within a digital interface.

(I was listening to the Pen Pals Podcast in case you were wondering about the audio)

It was a fun challenge to recreate an illustration from the same specimen. I was also surprised that I ended up getting LESS detail than I did with the watercolor!

(Watercolor, Specimen Photo, and Digital Painting)

So here is my digitally painted Red Locust! Next up will be a pen and ink version, and then if I haven't gone completely crazy from staring at this bug, a vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator.

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