• Martha Iserman


It's only been a few days into the new year and I've already been preoccupied with all of the horrible news in the world. The most glaring issue is the Australian bush fires happening right now. We are currently safe, living in the mountains outside of Melbourne, but that doesn't mean things can't change. The view from our front porch is masked in a haze of smoke from thousands of miles north near Sydney. We've had smaller fires nearby, but thankfully all have been handled without too much damage. We're keeping our emergency gear near the door in case of emergency, and have explained to the cats that we may have to leave on short notice. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to check in on us.

Since I was feeling so down about the fires this morning I decided to take the time to create something. All I could think of to paint today was Koalas since they have been so horribly affected by these events. It helped me focus on something other than my anxieties. Sometimes work can be self-care :) I'm planning on a series of Australian animal watercolors, so stayed tuned to the blog to keep up to date!

If you are able, please consider donating to a charity that is working to help the people and/or wildlife affected by the Australian Bush Fires. I'm including a link to the World Wildlife Fund's donation center to help the Koala specifically, and a GIVIT page where you can donate specific items/amounts to people who need help right now.

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