• Martha Iserman

Go Big AND Go Home- Adventures in Quarantine

What's everyone been up to this pandemic? Taking up new hobbies or starting up old ones? Anyone on draft one of their post-apocalyptic erotic novella? How many fitness routines are actually being followed? I am certain the world is currently filled with abandoned knitting, half-done puzzles, and burnt baking attempts at the moment, and that's ok! The first thing you begin in the attempts to defeat the boredom (or existential dread) won't always be your new favorite pass time. The good news is, you have time to find your bliss!

We're all gonna be gourmet chefs by the time this is over.

It is so interesting to watch the world experience an event at the same time. For once we really and truly are all in this together. Yes, there is income disparity in access to care (eat the rich!) but for the most part, we're all affected in some way. This is a collective human experience.

What I'm saying is, we're all going to have to start cutting our own hair soon so let's be gentle with each other.

Australia is in the same boat as everyone else for the most part. We are in a general quarantine and everyone is advised to 'shelter in place'. The grocery stores and chemists (pharmacies for you plebs in the States) are open but being ransacked by the panic prone. Aussies are a bit on edge, again, like the rest of the world.

Bijou demonstrating how we all feel right now

Personally, I have to admit not much has changed. Since moving to AU I've been in my own little quarantine, staying in to paint and not licking strangers for the most part. I have started a new project though, and this time it's big!

It's not a huge departure for me to paint a detailed insect specimen (in this case a purple grasshopper, Titanacris albipes) but I've never attempted one this large. The idea came from my partner Chase when he asked why anyone would want to buy a close-to-life-sized insect painting when they could just buy the actual insect (thanks for the support honey). This challenged me to 'think bigger', which I then took literally. So now I'm planning on a series of big-ass-bugs! ( I know...I know...they're insects...)

So far I've put in about 20 hours and it's about halfway done. It's been a fun experiment and I think I'm going to continue with other species!

On the topic of creepy crawlers, as many of you know, I illustrated and self-published a coloring book a few years back called Intricate Insects.

Since the world is on fire and we're all in it together, I wanted to offer it as a PDF download to anyone who needs some stress free bug coloring to help pass the time.

Behold! All the hours to waste!

Just click HERE to access the Google Drive pdf file, and you can download and print it at your leisure.

If you are so inclined, I would appreciate a like or a share on either my Facebook Page or preferably my Instagram (@bigredsharksstudio). If you know of anyone who might like my work let them know about the mighty power of Big Red Sharks! The more the merrier!

It's the end of the world, might as well start a cult.

Disclaimer: Not a proper example of social distancing

So share with me the projects you're working on during these trying times! I want to see all of your new hobbies, craft projects, sculpture attempts, cooking youtubes etc.

As I've always said,

We SHOULDN'T share our germs but we SHOULD share our creativity!

How we're all gonna look in a few weeks...

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