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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

You know how I wrote about how it's getting worse here in Australia but I'm ok because of a plucky lil best selling book series about an intergenerationally wealthy New Orleans plantation owner, master of disguise, sharpshooter, lock picker, art restoration expert, medieval historian, alligator fighter, close-up magician, and most importantly FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast?

Well he's problematic but I'm moving forward because it's my drug right now.

I'm on book 11. We've been through incest cave monsters, murderous zombie cults, bird flu conspiracies, museum mummy curses, immortal serial killers, assassinations via lion, and the casual infanticide of an evil dali lama baby. That's just a bit of it. There's also a lot of misogyny, cop-aganda, and lack of representation along with the fact that Pendergast comes from a 300-year-old legacy of rich New Orleanians with an antebellum era "mansion" with an elderly caretaker of "indeterminate race". *cringe face.

In the real world, it's a bit hard right now. We had to move our wedding date because people can't stay put for a second and thus Australia is getting hit pretty hard.

So we had to move our date to January. Hopefully, things get a bit better by then and we're allowed to travel outside of this 5km lockdown ( which is, I don't know 30, 35 feet? I still haven't nailed the metric system.) If the rest of the world won't stop f*cking around and finding out we can't come home to celebrate with friends and family. It's getting old not feeling in control of your future.

So I'm reading Pendergast novels, learning Spanish on Duolingo ("muy bonita" *in Borat), and trying to raise my cats to be better global citizens than the average American. I have some writing projects I've wanted to start, but now I'm thinking I should stop trying to write WELL and just write BADLY, but about things like museum monsters and no-nonsense hot cops with bouncy breasts who say things like "by the books". Apparently, the Pendergast series is written by two guys together, so who wants to join me in this? We can skip the racism (but keep the bird flu).

Showing off my new headphones

Also, I've been trying to befriend some corvids. Fluffy the magpie is warming to me and there is a new family of ravens that seem promising.

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